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2024 ACE Conference Call for Sessions Proposals
     Deadline is December 11, 2023

ACE is now accepting session proposals for professional development presentations at the June June 23-25, 2024  annual conference in Salt Lake City, UT. We seek practical professional development for our members from the many disciplines that make up our jobs.

Instructions. Complete and submit the form to propose a professional development breakout session for the ACE 2024 conference. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*). The individual listed as the primary contact will receive a submission confirmation email and all correspondence regarding the session.
Session proposal details. All session proposals should be 45 minutes and include time for questions. The following information components are required for each session proposal.
Track. Choose one or more of the following tracks. If you do not feel like your topic is reflected in the tracks below, choose “Other” and write in a suggested track.

  • Big ideas (get your feet wet): new thinking; AI; metaverse                     
  • Big media (don’t get cold feet or how to not put your foot in your mouth or twinkle toes): social media; Messaging; writing; media relations; IT 
  • Big brains (starting off on the right foot or put your best foot forward): research 
  • Big steps (filling big shoes): advanced leadership; people management; process or change management; experience sharing by those in the know; building community; diversity 
  • Big moves (standing on your own two feet or getting your foot in the door): leadership at every level; mentoring for those just starting out; meeting best practices; facilitation skills; building a communications plan; workshops where you leave with something you can do/use   
  • Big solutions (Achilles heels—weakness to strength or thinking on your feet): success stories; I need help; sharing problems and solutions; hacks; productivity 
  • Other

     o Sharing session: A lecture-type presentation focused on providing practical experience the presenter has gained in a specific situation(s) or as it relates to a new idea or concept. This session provides one or two key lessons learned for participants to take home and apply or think about.
     o How-to session: A lecture-type presentation where most of the time is focused on providing participants specific details on how to begin, further develop, or master a specific skill or tool. This session provides a process or task list to participants to use on this topic when they return home.
     o Panel discussion: A lecture-type presentation where several presenters come together to present and/or discuss a similar topic. This session should provide further insights and perspectives into a topic than a single presenter could do. Presenters could present in succession after one another or collaborate as a group presentation or panel-type discussion. This session provides attendees the opportunity to hear from a series of presenters regarding a specific topic.


     o Maximum of 250 words.
     o Define your session’s goal, outcomes, content, and type as clearly as possible. Indicate what participants will experience during the session, and what skills, knowledge, or tools participants will gain. If applicable, include the audience understanding or experience level of your session information (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or a mix of all levels).

Primary contact information.
     o The primary contact will receive all correspondence regarding the submission and is responsible for sharing information with co-presenters.

Additional presenter(s) information.
     o Include name, (post-nominal title), email, and institution/organization.

Presenter accommodations.

  o Each session will have a screen and projector. Presenters will need to provide a computer for their presentation. If you have any other room set-up, technology, or accessibility needs for your presentation, please provide further details in this section and someone from the conference planning committee will reach out to you. We will do our best to accommodate you.

The proposal submission deadline is Monday, December 11, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST. No changes to topics and/or descriptions will be accepted after the submission deadline.

Review and notification process. The ACE 2024 conference committee will review all session proposals and may recommend changes (e.g., combining sessions, different track, etc.). Final acceptance and scheduling are at the discretion of the committee, dependent on conference goals and schedule availability. The committee will notify proposal submitters of acceptance decisions by February 3, 2024.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.